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Partial Week Getaways

Topsail Realty Vacations is pleased to offer Topsail Island Getaways for vacation stays of less than a full week. These shorter Getaways provide the same quality Vacation Homes and customer care, but with a smaller length of stay to accommodate golf getaways with friends, romantic weekends, fall fishing trips, holiday family getaways, and more!

Getaways are only available on properties that permit them.  While we do have a few homes that allow partial week bookings in advance with a mininum number of nights stay, most homes that permit partial week getaways generally require that requests be booked within 10 days of arrival (unless the home's description for Partial Week stays indicates otherwise), must be booked within the normal week of rental for a home so as to not overlap two rental weeks (i.e. between Saturday to Saturday for homes that rent Saturday-Saturday or between Sunday to Sunday for homes that rent Sunday-Sunday), and do require a minimum number of nights’ stay (3 generally, though some homes may require only 2 nights and some homes may require at least 4 nights). Topsail Realty’s Getaways give you the flexibility to enjoy a shorter Topsail Island vacation rental, while still enjoying all the comforts of a Topsail Realty Vacation Home. All Topsail Realty rules and regulations apply to Topsail Island Getaways partial week rentals.

Please contact us via email or phone to receive accurate quotes for Partial Week Getaway stays.  Partial Week rates are not pro-rations of weekly rates but are separately established nightly rates.  Please call or email with inquiries to book a partial week stay based on the above noted guidelines as they are not bookable on our website at this time. 

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