Pet Policies & Information

Topsail Island offers miles of pet friendly beaches for canine family members! Topsail Realty manages a large selection of dog friendly vacation rental homes. Individual house descriptions indicate if dogs are allowed and if so, the number of dogs allowed. Premises that allow pets only allow friendly, housebroken, flea free dogs over 12 months old that are on a veterinarian approved monthly flea/tick treatment and prevention program. Birds, cats, and all other pets are prohibited.

Families that bring dogs are required to follow pet policies and pay non-refundable pet rent for each dog as applicable with their reservations.

Topsail Realty Pet Policies

Each vacation home description indicates if dogs are allowed in the vacation home and on its premises. The maximum number of dogs allowed and the pet rent per dog per reserved week is indicated in the description. Unless otherwise indicated in the description, partial week pet rent is pro-rated per dog based on weekly pet rent.

A "No Pets Allowed" or "No Tenant Pets Allowed" stipulation means tenants shall not bring any type of pet to the house.

A "No Pets Allowed" stipulation means no pets are allowed in the vacation home or anywhere on its premises at any time.

A "No Tenant Pets" stipulation means tenants are not permitted to have pets in the vacation home or anywhere on the premises at any time, but the homeowners may have pets with them when they are at their vacation home.

Unauthorized pets or unpaid pet rent shall result in eviction, and/or at Carolina Retreats Vacations' | Topsail Realty's sole discretion double pet rent plus tax per reserved week payable on demand for each pet.

Families that bring dogs are required to follow pet policies and pay non-refundable pet rent for each dog as applicable with their reservations.

  • Pets are not permitted on furniture.  
  • We understand that many dogs naturally shed - guests should take steps to remove pet hair from the interior of the home prior to Check Out. We recommend bringing a lint pick-up tool or lint brush to maintain the interior.  Homes provide vacuums for guest use as well.
  • If any accidental damages occur such as carpet stains or damage to walls or floors, please notify Topsail Realty without delay.  Unreported pet damages may result in charges to guests.
  • It is the guest's responsibility to properly dispose of dog solid waste on and off the premises. The proper method to dispose of dog solid waste is to use a dog waste bag, tie it up, and place it in the outside trash cart/bin.  Please note that if any area on premises needs additional cleaning or handling as a result of improper disposal or lack of disposal of dog waste, the guest will be charged a fee of $250 fee plus tax.

Topsail Island Pet Regulations

There are leash laws and "pooper scooper" laws in all three towns on the island. All dogs must display a current rabies vaccination tag and an identification tag. Please review the town ordinances and regulations when you're considering including your four-legged companions in your vacation plans:

These ordinances are enforced even though they may be less restrictive than those in other beach towns. Failure to follow these laws could result in a civil citations and additional charges.

Topsail Island Pet Safety

Please keep in mind that while the beach is a great place to have fun with your dog, there are safety concerns to consider:

  • When heading to the beach, make sure your dog has on a collar with proper identification and contact information. Don’t forget to bring a leash, a poop bag, a water bowl and fresh cool water, and sun protection for your dog.
  • Make sure your dog doesn’t get too hot, thirsty, or tired.
  • Hot sand and pavement – While we can keep our feet cool in our flip flops, dogs don’t have this protection. The sand, pavement, and sidewalks can be extremely hot for your dog during the summer months.
    Water from the ocean or sound – Make sure your dog doesn’t drink water from the ocean or sound. Drinking ocean and sound water can lead to stomach upsets and dehydration due to the high salt content.
    Provide a shady resting spot for your dog. Dogs can get sunburned, especially ones with short or light colored hair with pink skin. Talk to your veterinarian about using sun block on your dog.
  • Keep a close eye on your dog to make sure he doesn’t bother other dogs or people. Make sure your dog doesn’t play with things that may be harmful to him like fishing lines and hooks, dead fish, and jellyfish.
    Let your dog dig in the sand as long as he doesn’t throw sand on people. Make sure you fill in the holes before you leave the beach. People have been seriously injured by falling into holes on the beach.
    Sand spurs and cacti – Sand spurs and cacti are indigenous to our region and are a safety concern for everyone. These plants are not poisonous but can give an unpleasant and unexpected stick as the spikes on these plants are painful when they pierce the skin. Check for spurs or cacti on your dog’s paws, legs, and fur.
  • Always clean up waste. Follow town ordinances on waste disposal. We want to make sure to keep the water and beach clean!
  • When your beach outing is over, bathe or rinse your dog with fresh water. The salt in the water in the ocean and sound can be harmful to a dog’s coat.
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Surf City Pet Hospital
13775 NC Hwy 50 #503
Holly Ridge, NC 28445-6950

Paws and Claws Animal Hospital
5333 Oleander Dr
Wilmington, NC 28403

Animal Emergency and Trauma Hospital
After hours emergency clinic
Wilmington, NC

Animal Poison Control Center


Spoiled to the Bone Grooming Salon
311 S. Topsail Dr.
Surf City, NC 28445

Surf City Pawville Boarding, Grooming, and Dog Daycare
304 Becky's Creek Rd.
Hampstead, NC 28443

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